Teton County Sheriff's Office

   Teton County Idaho - 230 N Main St., Driggs ID 83422, (208) 776-8200


Concealed Weapons Licensing

All fees are due upon submission with completed application.
Fees are non-refundable if application is denied.

$64.45 for first time applications. 
$37.70 for renewal of a previous Concealed Weapons Permit. 

This includes the cost of a Concealed Weapons Identification Card. Valid for 5 years.

To obtain a CWP permit, complete and return the above application to the Teton County Drivers License Office along with applicable fees for processing.

Applications are also available in Driver's License.

Once fingerprint card and background check have been completed and processed, notification of approval or denial will go out. Once notified, return to the driver license office to purchase and receive CWP Identification Card.

More information on Idaho Concealed Weapons Permits can be found on the Idaho State Police website at http://www.isp.idaho.gov/.